Eigen Labs acquires Rio Network to expand EigenLayer blockchain capabilities


  • Eigen Labs acquires Rio Network and integrates LRT tech into EigenLayer for enhanced staking utility.
  • LRT technology from Rio Network open-sourced to standardize liquid restaking across blockchains.
  • EigenLayer facilitates multi-chain asset security, boosting efficiency in decentralized finance.

Eigen Labs, the force behind the EigenLayer protocol, is expanding its capabilities by acquiring Rio Network and its innovative liquid restaking token (LRT) technology.

The acquisition of Rio Network marks a significant step towards enriching token staking functionalities within the EigenLayer ecosystem.

Acquisition and open-sourcing of LRT technology

Eigen Labs’ acquisition of Rio Network includes obtaining its intellectual property rights, notably the liquid restaking token (LRT) technology.

By integrating this technology into EigenLayer and subsequently open-sourcing it, Eigen Labs aims to foster transparency and community-driven innovation.

The decision to make LRT open-source serves as a strategic move to standardize and enhance the implementation of liquid restaking across blockchain networks.

This approach not only expands EigenLayer’s capabilities but also encourages broader adoption and collaboration within the blockchain community.

Enhancing token staking utility with EigenLayer

EigenLayer, launched in 2023 and backed by substantial Series A funding, has rapidly emerged as a pivotal player in the blockchain staking landscape.

The EigenLayer protocol enables users to maximize the utility of their staked assets, such as Ether (ETH), by securing multiple blockchains simultaneously. This capability addresses the growing demand for efficient asset management and utilization in decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems.

Moreover, EigenLayer’s approach complements traditional staking models by offering flexibility and interoperability, thereby promoting a more dynamic and interconnected blockchain infrastructure.

By open-sourcing LRT, Eigen Labs not only enhances its protocol’s capabilities but also fosters innovation and collaboration within the blockchain community.

Moving forward, EigenLayer’s role in optimizing the use of staked assets across multiple blockchains is set to further strengthen, contributing to the broader evolution of decentralized finance and blockchain technology.

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