HashKey To Airdrop Its Native Token Via Telegram Tap-to-Earn Game — Details


HashKey Group, a prominent crypto financial services firm based in Asia, has embarked on a unique initiative to engage its community and expand its reach.

Earlier today, HashKey unveiled a community airdrop of its native token, HSK, signaling the approach of its anticipated listing set for the third quarter of the year. The firm has devised an innovative approach to distribution, incorporating interactive elements through a dedicated Telegram bot, “DejenDog.”

Details of The HashKey Airdrop

Participants can engage with the “DejenDog” bot to complete various tasks and play a “tap-to-earn” mini-game. Users accumulate HIT points by interacting with a Husky-themed character within the game, which are convertible into HSK tokens.

This method aims to distribute 10 million HSK tokens and build a community interaction around the upcoming listing. HashKey’s approach reflects a broader trend within the crypto ecosystem where companies leverage gamified experiences to enhance user engagement.

The choice of Telegram as a platform taps into a growing trend where blockchain-based games and tap-to-earn mechanics have seen rising popularity. Other projects like Notcoin and Hamster Kombat illustrate the effectiveness of such strategies in building community and maintaining active user bases.

The HSK token, compliant with the ERC-20 standard, has a total supply of one billion units, with a significant portion earmarked for ecosystem growth and operational incentives. About 65% of the supply is dedicated to ecosystem expansion, 30% is allocated to staff, and 5% is reserved for future contingencies.

This distribution strategy rewards current users and prepares HashKey Global, their flagship digital asset exchange, for a noteworthy future.

According to the announcement, the token will play a crucial role in various scenarios, from reducing transaction fees to granting holders exclusive pre-sale rights and access to special events across HashKey’s platforms.

HashKey Recent Integration

HashKey’s strategy to distribute its native tokens through a tap-to-earn game on Telegram comes against a recent partnership with The Open Network (TON), a blockchain platform developed by Telegram Messenger.

As reported by Bitcoinist, citing the South China Morning Post, this partnership is designed to facilitate the conversion of Toncoin into fiat currencies for users across the Asia-Pacific, enhancing the accessibility of the cryptocurrency.

The agreement also includes collaborative efforts on various ecosystem projects, offering mentorship and networking opportunities as outlined by the Open Network Foundation.

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